NIRA is able to supply a co-design and co-engineering service for the planning of products that can satisfy all needs. This leads to the possibility of bringing technical modifications, which improve product performance and make processability more effective.


NIRA develops and offers CAD 2D or 3D tools planning, that are produced in the company workshop or by selected partners, which work closely with internal departments.

Equipment is constantly and effectively maintained to guarantee the longest possible qualitatively steady production.


Thanks to the long-standing collaboration with the best compound manufacturers available both on the local and foreign market, NIRA is able to offer compound according to the majority of the automotive and customer specifications.

The development of increasingly more advanced compounds for the most critical applications is continuous, with special attention to environment and conformity to the major international norms (REACH – ROHS).


Our production department has injection and compression moulding machines, both horizontal and vertical, with different clamping forces and dimensions, which are monitored by a dedicated IT system. Thanks to that and continuous monitoring, production is maintained to the best of its efficiency, guaranteeing high quality level and performance.


The manufacturing process is completely vertically integrated and enables to keep every product under constant control during every phase of processing. The main finishing phases are available in the production process, among these: deflashing, washing and drying, post-curing and surface treatments.


Our laboratory is equipped for chemical-physical controls according to the main international norms. We do dimensional measurements according to standard or customer specific plans of control.

Finished products are 100% checked before shipment.


Our innovative automatic warehouse handles every article from the moulding to the shipment and thanks to the integration with our management system enables the control of all the goods in circulation.